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Still like JP anime best. >.>b

After looking at all the different films, all sorts of variety from different countries...
I still come back to JP anime, and still prefer JP anime and what they do, (most of the choices they made)

Reason being...(this is for mostly market release works)
1. in JP, More percentage of the story is done for all ages, including older audience.

2. European film is nice but most of them are too artisy to have a solid story with characters that you would want to watch over and over again in a TV series.

3. in America, there's a huge lacking for older audience, and most passable things are cartoony or super hero. I also find less able to relate to American cartoon characters unless it's a few special feature film (aka Iron Giant.)

4. other places like China and India just isn't developed enough for a summary of 2D animation industry, though they make great films)

5. I still haven't seen much "original film" from Korea released... I think they have been making films for others way too much right now. (good examples will be Avatar the last air bender, practically done by Korean. )

Just getting upto JP standard bar is already hard enough.
Some said indy film should have indy film look, but that's not what i like.

Yep, I am still going to be another copy-kat of their work, maybe spend 5 years to make it look just like theirs, so sue me for not being original.

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tea time

Put money where the mouth is

Edepth updated 102-108

Time is money....

Money is a tool of trade, anything can be money, it just happens our money is paper and stones.

Money is nothing without the people trading them.

Without money, the trading market would be chaotic, money is a convenient tool.

Time too... is money, it's money you can't buy, the last thing to waste in life.

Those who donated time to me, have donated some of the most precious thing they have in life too.

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Sleepy Angel

Hey, spend 8 million on me?

My thesis updated to version 2. A version i will live with.

I pretend I'm a multi-millionaire, drafted out the cost of my production for E-Depth angel, a TV series or a OVA. (Putting the rate at where I'm the only pro doing all the work, dividing into all different jobs... at the price that I felt fair and can live with)

The cost for the first episode amounts to roughly 479,000 dollars, with everything accounted for, the biggest chunk is animation, which is roughly estimated to be 18000 drawings, each drawing a person may spend about 5-10 minutes drafting to make it TV quality, then the clean up and the coloring... the rest has to be the 3D section.

A series of 20 episode will amount to roughly 8 million dollars... an OVA roughly around 1.4 million dollars.

Now, I need to walk up to a couple of people who holds the money and say "Hey~ Spend it on me?" amongst another 1000 plus seasonal pros who are pitching.

FAT chance.

Even if it was my money i wouldn't spend 8 million on my self to take such a risk, without having the experience at all.
But I can certainly do that 1 million one... i guess this is why OVA is much easier to get approved in Japan.

Well  this is still no feature, which starts at around 20 million. ;)

Oh the joy of accounting for entertainment projects.
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tea time

you never know...

This person sitting next to you on the train could be an investor,
another person who comes in and help out your grandma could be previously an editor of several magazines.
A clean up lady might had been a marketing manager...

A classmate you know could come to know another veteran director...

Just search facebook you might be able to friend/fan a person you have always admired,

An artist you are friends with might end up working in a major company that you need introductions to...

These are my experiences so far...
You never know where connections may come from. It's a small, and interesting world out there.
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Edepth Lien

Edepth production updates

Isaac's mech model by Jsung1223.deviantart.com

After talking to Jsung1223 today. (what a passionate teammate. XD Your fire is so strong, Please don't burn me~ lol)

I have come to this conclusion:

Edepth's pilot episode is going to stay 20 mins, and I decided I will pitch it as it is. One single episode.

The goal is to get feedback and see if people want more of it, and let the executives, marketing people, if any, to have their say.

:P Forget planning for feature, if i plan for feature it will have too many elements that need to change. That's for the future.
For now, 20mins is plenty. We will do that, if this sells nicely, we will do the next 20.

If it doesn't sell, I will do a different project.
I think it will sell in film fests and cons even if it isn't a bomb.
We should make back investment if selling it correctly.

As Joseph mentioned, it's about time to start marketing research as well. In a typical production marketing starts the moment the production starts.... (hm, though technically we are still in pre-production period...) XD

I will request a few pals to help me out on that too.
We need to think about international market, between USA and Taiwan, as well as thinking about which film fest will help us most, instead of just any film fests.

Let's just take it one step at a time. :P